Dr Nezami routinely lectures in different settings including university based institutions, local and national oncology groups and tumor boards, and to the public. He has a track record on presenting at scientific societies nationally. One of his favorites is teaching to medical and pharmacy students. 
and this is why:
What medical students at Fresno State University have to say about him:

"There is not a lot of investigatory medicine that I have heard about, and Dr. Nezami was the first to actually be doing just that. He has encouraged me to apply my "physics" brain to whatever career that I eventually end up in, and that makes me think that maybe in addition to research, I actually DO want to see patients and really try and get to the root of their problems."
" Dr. Nezami's  presentation on alternative approaches to medicine changed everything I have ever thought about medicine."
"Taking what Dr. Nezami said into my future is something that I will try to do daily. Spending time getting to know the patient, understand their problems, their past medical histories and devising a treatment plan specific to that individual is crucial to overall healthy patients and ultimately a healthier America."

"I like the method that Dr.Nezami is choosing to cure his patients. I think that it is great that he is willing to try different things with them. However, hearing about his perspective  on pharmaceutical drugs made me realize that I want to be a pharmacist so that I can work with doctors like him to straighten out the uses of medications."
"This course has made me realize that we need to focus more on healthcare in the United States. I feel that sometimes doctors prescribe way too many drugs, like what he was saying, without looking at how it is impacting the patients lives." 

Following are the summary of some of his talks and lectures he attended in this year:                                                    

Parker Aerospace & Pacific/Orange Coast Medical Center of Hope.
hosts Dr.Nezami: Multi-Molecular Targeted Epigenetic Therapy (MTET). in San Diego, CA


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