Catherine is a licensed registered nurse whose 19 years of clinical experience is multifaceted, including surgical, medical and family medicine. She is an alumni of Tompkins- Cortland School of Nursing in New York.

Catherine has been working for Orange Coast Medical Center of Hope since March 2016, and has a passion for integrative oncology. She acts as "eyes and ears", advocating and treating each patient as individual with unique requirements. 



Jessica is a licensed physician assistant whose previous clinical practice includes family medicine and urgent care. She is an alumna of the San Joaquin Valley College PA program and received her master of medical science degree from Saint Francis University in 2012.

Jessica has been working with Dr. Nezami since 2013, and has coauthored several articles with him since then. She has also spoken on topics such as Cancer Epigenetics at the Festival of Genomics in Boston. She has a personal investment and interest in caring for patients with cancer, and believes in treating each patient like a family member. 

In addition to practicing clinically, Jessica is a principle faculty member and Clinical Director of the Physician Assistant Program at University of the Pacific, where she keeps her medical knowledge fresh through teaching. She enjoys working in academics / research, and practicing clinically as a PA.

​Mario, has worked for Pacific/Orange Coast Medical Center of Hope since July 2010. Graduated from the Institute of Technology, California in 2007 in Web & Graphic Design. Following, attended and graduated from UEI College, as a EKG technician & Medical Assistant.

With 8 plus years experience with working at both Pacific & Orange Coast Medical Center of Hope, Mario is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Technician, Medical Assistant, and Web & Graphic Designer.


I N T E G R A T I V E   C A N C E R   T R E A T M E N T S

 M E D I C A L   C E N T E R   OF  H O P E

C A T H E R I N E   K E L L E R , Registered Nurse

J E S S I C A   G A R N E R, MMS, PA-C

M A R I O    C H A V E Z, Medical Assistant, HBOT