Lab Test Services that we offer for our office



  • Blood Testing (LabCorp & Quest): Many types of chronic conditions manifest themselves years before diagnosed clinically, in the blood. By a simple blood test we can identify the presence of proteins/ enzymes and markers that correlate with incidence as well as predicted clinical outcome and treatment response to specific therapeutics.
  • Body Fluid Testing (Liquid Biopsy – Guardant): Presence of circulating DNA is a key diagnostic as well as monitoring tool for disease detection and prognosis in cancer
  • Tissue Pathology and Cytology (Foundation): The test can identify actionable molecular profiling for variety of diseases
  • Health Screening and Monitoring Tests (MyRisk Panel, Panel Matrix): For prevention of progression and treatment strategies, in different solid tumors/diseases in individuals at risk, it is imperative to investigate the presence of genomic abnormalities in the tissue
  • Gene Based Testing (Bio Focus & Guardant): Genetics testing and counseling is an important element of our care at the clinic
  • Immunology  - Enhance of immune system against opportunistic and viral infection, In order to maximize the defense mechanisms in the host against all infectious processes, we identify the ability of the host/ body to defeat foreign pathogens, through measurement of natural killer cells activity, and treat patients accordingly​